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Background Screening 101: Understanding Verification Services

Here is an over of what you need to know about verifications and why they are an important step in the screening process.

InCheck Culture

Leadership and Basketball

What is the correlation between sports leadership and business success? Here are some insights from a Q&A with Andy Gallion

Insights & Screening Strategy

Candidate Rights in Background Screening

Background screening can be overwhelming for candidates. InCheck provides a list of important things for candidates to know about the process.

Candidate Experience

5 Best Background Check Tips for Candidates

Maneuvering the background check process can be tricky. We have 5 background check tips to make the process easier for candidates and employers

Compliance Updates

Ban the Box: What You Need to Know

Ban the box laws are on the rise. Here are answers to some commonly asked ban the box law questions.

DEI at InCheck

The Business Case for DEI

InCheck's CEO, Rachel Morafcik, provides detailed insight on the company's DEI journey as well as the business impact of workplace DEI

Product and Service Updates

Drug Testing: Screening Methods

There are many different drug test screening methods. Some of the most common drug test screening methods are urine, hair, and saliva.

Insights & Screening Strategy

How to Build the Best Background Check Program

What are the best background check services? Here are three things you should consider when evaluating your screening program and searching for...

DEI at InCheck

Empathy in the Workplace

InCheck's DEI speaker series continues with a discussion about what empathy, sympathy, and compassion mean in the workplace.

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