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Taking Action at InCheck

Following the murder of George Floyd, CEO Andy Gallion encouraged the InCheck team to take action against racism, and he shared personal examples. Here's an excerpt from one of Andy's internal memos.

I began my week with action. My wife Kim and I talked openly and honestly with our girls about George Floyd, riots, and white privilege. We talked with them about what to do when one of their friends makes a racially-insensitive comment, and how not saying something is equally as wrong as the comment itself. We let them know that racism is real, and at some point they will be in a position to confront it. And when that happens, we want them to feel empowered, and not fearful for standing up for what is right.

My next action was collecting my thoughts and beginning to work on writing this piece. I am sharing my candid, vulnerable, and honest thoughts with you in a public forum. In the absence of fear. What will be your action today? How will you drive change?

Writing this is important because I want you to know that you work for an organization that does not stand for such atrocities against humanity, that will not tolerate indifference, and is outraged by the racial injustice that continues to exist in this country.

Since we started InCheck in 2002, we have worked to create a culture of kindness, compassion and goodwill. We strive to have a workplace where people can feel respected and empowered and important. A diverse organization where everyone matters.

But today, it is black lives that matter most. And it's our black friends, neighbors, and colleagues who need white people to show up as allies. I am here to let them know that I support them, I see them and I am willing to fight for them.

Today, I hope you will join me in praying for the family of George Floyd. For the citizens of Minneapolis. For the countless victims of color that live in fear. For a better future. And for each and every one of us to take action.



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