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Jen Waite

With over 15 years of screening industry experience, Jen Waite joined InCheck in 2019 as Compliance Officer. In this role, Jen improved InCheck’s internal compliance program, implemented, more robust tracking and auditing practices, increased external compliance touchpoints with clients, and elevated InCheck’s overall compliance service offerings. In her current role as InCheck’s Director of Operations, Jen continues to oversee Compliance while also collaborating with department managers and executive leadership in the development of performance goals and long-term operational improvements. She supports our ever-evolving efforts to maximize efficiency and productivity while encouraging a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and excellence. She also oversees operations in InCheck’s four processing departments: Verifications, Investigations, Investigations QA, and Occupational Health Services. Jen is a researcher at heart and stays up to date on changing and new laws within the screening industry. With that knowledge, Jen leads the InCheck team to help develop policies, procedures, and new service offerings. Jen lives in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, their three children, one dog, and two cats. Jen and her family love to volunteer, especially around the holidays when they “adopt” local families. Jen also loves music, traveling, cheering for her local sports teams, and attending car shows.

Stories by Jen

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