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Kirsten Corbell

Kirsten Corbell joined InCheck in 2019 as Director of Marketing. Read her full bio here:

Stories by Kirsten

InCheck Updates

Volunteer Spotlight on Brittany Watson

Each month, we will spotlight an InCheck employee who volunteers their time in the community. This month spotlights Brittany Watson.

Insights & Screening Strategy

Onboarding Trends

Are you ulitizing technology in your onboarding process? Here is a list of technology solutions to help make the background check screening process...

Product and Service Updates

CBD Oil and Drug Testing 2.0

With CBD oil gaining popularity, you might be wondering what impact it may have on an employment drug test. Here are some factors to consider.

Product and Service Updates

CBD Oil and Drug Testing

What is CBD oil? What impact can it have on an employment drug screening test? Here are some details to keep in mind when deciding to use CBD oil...

Product and Service Updates

Varieties of Drug Tests

Understanding the different types of drug tests is an important part of the background check process.

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