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Living Our Values: InCheck’s DE&I Initiatives in Action

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is more than just words.  Learn more about our DEI journey and current company-wide initiatives.

Product and Service Updates

Drug Testing: Screening Methods

There are many different drug test screening methods available.Here are some of the most company drug test screening methods and why they are...

Product and Service Updates

CBD Oil and Drug Testing 2.0

With CBD oil gaining popularity, you might be wondering what impact it may have on an employment drug test. Here are some factors to consider before...

Compliance Updates

Amendment to the FCRA

Compliance insight on the new amendment details for the FCRA can be found here.

Insights & Screening Strategy

Common Background Screening Misconceptions

Background screening compliance can be tricky to navigate. InCheck has a list of common misconceptions and best compliance practices for employers.

Product and Service Updates

CBD Oil and Drug Testing

What is CBD oil? What impact can it have on an employment drug screening test? Here are some details to keep in mind when deciding to use CBD oil...

Product and Service Updates

Confirmation Testing and It's Impact

What is confirmation testing and what role does it play in the background check screening process? InCheck provides details for employers to consider.

Product and Service Updates

Varieties of Drug Tests

Understanding the different types of drug tests is an important part of the background check process.

Insights & Screening Strategy

What Is PSV?

What is Primary Source Verification and why is it critical to the background check process? Here are some answers to help you better understand the...

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